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I like how you got the image of the man on the side of the road into my mind! Especially the image of the hair and beard...

The everything board / Re: Greed
« on: February 18, 2014, 01:05:54 AM »
Great fun my friend and well written. 

The everything board / Re: Truth no fiction writer could imagine
« on: February 17, 2014, 07:46:49 AM »
Stupid does get rewarded

The everything board / Re: The inn a chapter from Swords and Tomes pt. 7
« on: February 15, 2014, 01:18:37 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment. 

Cathleen will tell you this has come a long long long way from the original! 

You all have contributed immensely.

The everything board / The inn a chapter from Swords and Tomes pt. 7
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:45:13 AM »
The Knight nodded and shook Scotty's hand as she continued.  Ina laid her hand gently on the knight’s arm, whispering.  “We should go outside and talk for there are many strangers in the hall tonight, and I think we do not want to be overhead.”

The knight gestured toward the door and got up.  Ina and Scotty stood and started to leave the table.  Rule vaulted to his feet,  “Where are you going?  It’s early! Please, stay for some Trull or wine?"

Ina chuckled.  “Trull, if you have any fit to drink.” 

The big man’s arms flopped over his massive chest.  “I’m shoulder deep in fresh casks.  We’re never short of Trull or wine.”

Ina laughed with her eyes and said,  “Don’t worry old friend.  We’ll return shortly.  The drink is fine, the food is outstanding, and the company is delightful.  We just need some air.” 

When they were outside, and had walked a ways into the thick darkness void of moonlight, the three talked in the hushed tones seasoned fighters use in the dark.  Ina and Scotty took turns attempting to explain why Scotty’s predicament.  Confusion stained the River Knight’s face. 

Ina continued.  “Scotty this man is what we call a Knight of the river or a River Knight.  It’s not commonly known but this man is the champion of the esteemed River Knights.  Through a special magic known only to the Knights, they can breathe both on land and under water.  So, great knight, what brings you away from the grand keep and your teachings?”

“The rivers are being polluted.  Not that this is a new problem.  The problem comes in identifying what is causing the pollution.  The rivers are increasingly carrying more blood than they ever have before.  Some of the blood is foul. Some of it can’t be identified.  It’s not Troll blood, as we thought it might be given the clans fighting as they always do.  The river scholars and clerics want to know what the situation is, and what’s causing the increase in blood levels.  They’ve given me the task of cleaning up the river, plus identifying and ending what’s causing the pollution.  Is this stranger causing the pollution?”

Scotty huffed.  "I’m offended!  Let me tell you this: I’m not responsible!  Many rivers in my dimension are polluted.  Sometimes it’s impossible to find the source.  How will you find the source, and how do you know this pollution is evil?”

The River Knight turned his whole body toward Scotty and stared gravely.  “I beg your forgiveness.  It’s that I don’t know where to start to solve the problem.  I can’t determine what has changed.  You are my first clue as to something different.”

‘There are always rumors of change, and frequently it isn’t for the better.”  Ina said.

The knight continued.  “The main concern is that the crops nurtured by these waters from the mountains are failing, the fruits aren’t as sweet.  The produce is smaller than usual.  All of the region’s crops are not doing as well as they should be.  People are getting sick from drinking the water.”  He paused.  Serious changed to a smirk on his face as the river knight looked at Ina.  “Worse for this woman warrior, the Trull isn't fermenting correctly and the drink is often soured.  This will severely distress her if it continues, and let me assure you, stranger, you don’t want to see or be around this she-demon when she’s upset.” 

Ina eyed the sky.  “The rains are almost here.  Not a good time to start any kind of an undertaking. Travel will be hard and fighting difficult.”

The River Knight caressed Ina’s shoulder as a father touches his daughter.  “It’s never a good time to fight or kill.  Sadly, I believe we can’t wait for life to happen.”

The everything board / Re: Indian Magic #1
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:34:07 AM »
This has a nice feeling Duke.  I hope you get around to doing something fresh. 
I do like how you do a western!

The everything board / Re: Anger
« on: February 15, 2014, 05:31:09 AM »
Travel safe my friend!

I do love her attitude - I sense a lot of humor in this that is mostly Australian. 
Enjoyed this a lot!

It is good to be back!

The everything board / Re: How about a brief description of the books...
« on: February 12, 2014, 07:14:58 AM »
Duke - I just posted one chapter of a book about a Vietnam Vet (Scotty) that has been transported to a different dimension where magic evolved and technology didn't. 

Ed you know Ian better than that!  If he took the time to write about the flowers there is a reason.  And what did she tie them up with.  How about dynamite fuse?  I don't see her stepping out of her normal self without a reason. 

I see a lot of foreshadowing in this part - about four maybe five things. 

another history lesson so well written!

The everything board / Re: What I love about writing
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:58:40 AM »
I too enjoyed this. 

The everything board / Re: Worried
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:57:32 AM »
I'd be a bit worried also mate.  Thailand can get crazy in a heartbeat.

I thought I had kind of a damaged child hood --- man it was a cakewalk compared to so many other stories I've heard lately.

The everything board / The inn a chapter from Swords and Tomes pt. 6
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:56:11 PM »
“Gamblers all, as you are, hold on to your money.  Don’t I get a throw?”
“Yes, but it’s impossible to win.”  The man’s tufted ears wiggled as he spoke. 

“I don’t agree with your assessment of the aging warrior’s throw.”  The challenger said as he flipped the axe from hand to hand.  “Yes, I believe it’s impossible to win if my axe is thrown overhand and the handle lands facing the floor.  All can see there isn’t room as the handles would touch, and my axe would fall to the floor.  However, if you’ll look, you can see there’s room for the point of a well thrown axe to fall between the bottom point of the aged warrior’s poorly thrown axe and the mark if I throw my axe underhand.” 

Everyone laughed and continued to pay off wagers.  The man flipped his axe underhand. 

The axe ripped through the air. Splinters and sparks sprang from the wall as the axe crashed into the wall.   

In’s eyes bugged out in disbelief and bedlam ensued.  The axe had embedded itself significantly deeper into the wall than had Ina’s axe.  As suggested, the bottom point split the distance between the lower point of her axe and the mark.  He had hit a target less than a half-inch in diameter. 

Rule threw up his arms.  “She’s been beaten!”  He pointed to the axe.  “The stranger has bested her.  Never has this tavern seen the casting such as this tonight, and it’ll be unlikely that anyone will ever witness the likes of this again.” 

Rule pulled a handful of stones from a purse on his belt.  “I’ll buy the axes for the mementos of this night.  I’ll nail the axes where they fell.  I will tell the story repeatedly, until my grave has turned from dirt to fresh grass.  Even then, I’ll retell it to the gods.  Food and drink is free for everyone, for tonight is a night which will be sung about for many generations.” 

Wanda’s arms flew over her head.  “Never, in all my life, have I seen such.  Minstrels can’t enhance the story.  This casting story is as good as any story ever told.  Those here will tell their grandchildren that they were witness to the greatest casting ever.  As to the money lost, that’s nonsense, husband.  People will be coming here for months, if not years to see the axes and the mark.  Each will pay to hear the story and see the truth in the legend.  The Broken-Tooth Inn is now famous for the greatest casting challenge ever seen.” 

The challenger moved to the table as Ina, Rule and Scotty pulled up four three-legged, backless stools.  Removing his ponchos, he sat boldly, without the ceremony of an introduction.  He moved with an unnatural air of self-confidence and with infinite authority. 

His hidden facial tones were light with a blue tint. When he removed his hood, Scotty gasped loudly enough that people glanced in his direction fearing some disaster.

The man's hair was light blue, brighter and more natural than any old blue haired retiree transplanted to Florida.  It framed his large eyes.  There were no whites in his eyes.  They were a bright multi-toned blue. 

Scotty skin crawled.  The eyes were so fluid and translucent they gave the impression of a disembodied spirit. 

Scotty tried not to stare.  He leaned back and put his feet up on the table just as he had done when talking with Doran.  He careened to the floor as Ina struck his anklebone with an inflexible fist. 

Confusion flashed in Scotty’s eyes.  “Now what?”

She hissed.  “Where do you think you are?  This is an eating table, not a talking table.  We don’t talk business at an eating table, and we do not eat at a business table.  The pain you are barely enduring is nothing compared to how this disheveled traveler would have corrected your insolence.  If I remember correctly, he prefers to cuff an offender on the side of the head always involving a bit of the ear.”   

The stranger’s blue eyes brightened.  “There’s been many a night when you went to your bed with reddened ears from abundant slaps to your obstinate head.  Warriors all, let them be praised; it’s good to see you.  We’ve not heard anything of you for years now.  It was rumored you had turned outlaw and joined up with Pike’s band.” 

Ina bowed her head.  “You are too much misinformed, oh great Knight.  I’m still alive, and I’m not an outlaw.  Likewise, Pike isn’t an outlaw.  Pardon my manners sir.  I’d like to introduce you to a stranger to our ways and to our land.  Scotty, this is one of, if not the most renowned of the River Knights.  His name should not be spoken yet.  Just know he was my weapons trainer, as well as my life guide and friend.  This stranger is called Scotty." 

The Knight nodded and shook Scotty's hand as she continued.  Ina laid her hand gently on the knight’s arm, whispering.  “We should go outside and talk for there are many strangers in the hall tonight, and I think we do not want to be overhead.”

The everything board / Re: Some personal thoughts
« on: February 01, 2014, 11:35:07 PM »
Whoa!  Don't get the idea I am doing any of this genealogy stuff.  That is all Susan's bag.  I have enough to do with the living and the present.  I don't need to know the history of who I am.  But Sue does and I support her.  I'm driving her out in the cold today to find a headstone in an old graveyard.  What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  Yea right! 

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