Author Topic: Jolley the swagman 7 years ago 9/8 nd end chapter  (Read 610 times)

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Jolley the swagman 7 years ago 9/8 nd end chapter
« on: October 18, 2013, 05:42:14 PM »
“You can't blame the Bikies for not seeing that. We normally wouldn't see it as a weak spot but the Army did.”

Jenkins leant forward her face full of excitement. “The chief and I watched from a distance. The two teams were in place a whistle blew. The tank rattled up to the iron gates, they bent  and pulled the gate house inwards and they crumpled, then the iron broke into small pieces. It was a sight to see.”

The Com continued. The tank aimed its cannon right at the reinforced doors the camera's guarding the fortress focused on the tank. The Animal welfare people moved in and darted the dogs big enough and mean enough to rip a man to pieces. They removed the drugged dog and took them off to the pound. And our men surrounded the tank. All the security cameras focused on them.”

Jenkins face flushed. “We watched team two. The snakes thought their rear wall which was solid brick and impenetrable was safe so no need for cameras but the ordinance had other idea's. Whilst every eye was on the main entrance they worked a paste into the mortar. They then fused it and with no sound but a ring of fire we saw a hole develop in the wall. Our sharp shooters raced in and the sound of a machine gun firing was heard.”

The Com nodded. “Our reports show that the snakes had build a barricade and were behind it watching the security screen and with their AK47 aiming at the main doors. Our men fired machine guns over their heads.”

Jenkins laughed with glee. “The next we saw was the armoured door open. The Snakes marching out hands on head our men behind them. We had done the impossible with no loss of lives or injuries.”

The Com nodded. “The prosecution department is working overtime preparing charges ranging from murder to having a joint. The courts will be busy for years and we can close the books on many murders.”

One of the kitchen staff approached the group. “Here drink this. The doctor ordered it.”

Jolley eyed the carton. “What is it?”

The staff member looked stern. “Invalid drink, now drink it.”

Jenkins jumped up and put the straw through the mouth split in the bandage.

The Com got up. “I must get back to the grind. Jenkins will see you everyday on our time now. If you want anything tell her.”

The head cop got up and left. Jenkins look around. “I think that nurse over there tapping her foot is giving me a message. Is there any thing you want?”

Jolley told her and she made notes and left. The nurse grabbed the handle of the wheel chair and stated for the door.

Jolley hurt like mad as he put out his arms and legs making get through the door impossible. “No; not inside. Not inside. I'll never go inside again.”

The nurse looked furious. “You must!”

Jolley felt like a child having a tantrum but he was shaking. “NO'



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Re: Jolley the swagman 7 years ago 9/8 nd end chapter
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 10:22:48 AM »
I thought of using the tank, but not as a diversion......  Good plan.



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Re: Jolley the swagman 7 years ago 9/8 nd end chapter
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 02:39:51 AM »
Okay, this chapter was so exciting I raced through it so I probably missed something.   But why did they bomb Jolley's house?  and not the police station?  Why specifically was Jolley targeted?