Author Topic: My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6  (Read 1558 times)


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My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6
« on: April 04, 2013, 04:04:59 AM »
But the guard just shook his head, his grin cracked open his face from ear to ear.  He pointed again to the headline in the newspaper.  “We don’t lie to our people!” he shouted. 

Siobhan’s eyes sought out the young German prisoner she had spied through the binoculars.  Sophie’s prisoner.  He was the one hanging back behind the other four. 

While the others were laughing and joking among themselves over the simple Americans who actually believed that the mighty German bunkers could be crossed, both doubt and belief flickered across that young prisoner’s stricken face.

And Siobhan was stunned. 

While she was racing across the fields, she couldn’t wait to show that prisoner, that special particular prisoner, that he was beaten, that he would be going home, that he wouldn’t be dreaming about a young American girl. 

When Siobhan showed him the newspaper, he would know he was a fool.

But now, as she watched the shock in the young boy’s face, she felt an enormous swell of sadness and pity for him. 

He was little more than a child.  Her own Sophie’s age.  The age of that Callahan boy.  A plaything that Hitler had sent off to fight his stupid war. 

What would happen to that boy who in his young life had found himself across an ocean, far from his family, far from the classroom he should have been sitting in, dressed in the drab garb of a prisoner of war, hoeing around rows of beans that were not his own, standing in the dirt of a foreign land? 

What would happen to him?

Siobhan couldn’t help thinking that the young prisoner was wondering the very same thing.  That nothing was certain in his life, that most likely nothing good would come for him of Hitler’s eventual surrender.

And he would surrender. 

He would be beaten, Siobhan was sure of that.

And this young prisoner?  Sophie’s prisoner? A young life ruined because of a maniac’s deranged dream.

Siobhan reached over and took the newspaper from the guard.  She folded it carefully and then she walked down to the street, shook the dirt from her skirt, and headed back to her home.
“Yes, Siobhan, it means something, but it doesn’t mean everything.”  Tony shook his head. 

He was sitting at the table and holding the newspaper in his hands, hands that were embedded with dirt, nails broken and black.

Siobhan had shoved the newspaper at him, ordered him to sit as soon as Sophie had gone upstairs to wash off the sun and sweat and dirt from an afternoon in the corn fields. 

Tony had given her a ride home.

“But it’s the end of the war!”

Tony shook his head.  “Maybe.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a terrific win for the Allies, but it’s far from over.  And honestly, Siobhan, I know because of Stan…” and Tony broke off, unexpected emotion catching his breath.

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Re: My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6
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I liked this part there is a message in it. Good writing.



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Re: My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6
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It was true about the young boys in 'Hitler's army'.  Toward the end of the war, the very young were sent into battle, either as cannon fodder or as a last resort.  This young prisoner is believable.

I think the way you are handling 'Siobhan's problem' is good, Cathleen.  I still want to know Sophie's opinion of the young POW.  Was she just being nice to him out of pity,....... or were there feelings other than pity for him?



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Re: My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6
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You found a wonderful way to bring in historical info on the time and still relate it to your characters lives.   
Great job,  Cathleen.


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Re: My Beard is White Now: Chapter 18: 6
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What I am enjoying is that while we as the reader know how history went your characters don't. Even when Tony says 'it is far from over' it doesn't fall into the trap of him saying 'I know something that you don't know' because quite believably he has doubts. That "Maybe" he begins with is just the right word.