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I arrived home last night.
My fingers are tangled and I seem to have to retype each word.
More news later

As long as you are okay now, Don.  That's what matters.


So I was awoken in the Cardiac Ward by a lovely nurse (truly all of them were lovely) "I just want you to step on the scales for me."
"I'll be happy to but I am busting for a wee. Is the bathroom door open" I asked in reply.
She peeped down the corridor "No" she said "someone must be in there"
"Would you mind slipping the door closed and I'll use the bottle" I stated as I pulled myself upright on the rope ladder device made from seat belt webbing and swung my legs over the side of the bed.
"Oh" so said "I'll just empty this for you" and in an instant she was gone with the precious bottle.
My 'Noooo!" was too late to catch her as I jumped semi-naked to dance behind the still open door.
Credit where credit due - lovely nurse was back in a quite short time but by then there were dribbles, drips and drops on the floor.
I'd only had the catheter removed that morning.
Late or no - that bottle was most most welcome and the mop lady never made comment as she smiled and fixed my mess.
And for all that - the scales stopped working.

One of the few times that you missed that catheter, I'll wager.

Funny, but I'm sure it wasn't for you at the time, Don.

I hope you're still feeling better after your surgery.


Still tight across the chest but a little better each day.


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