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Ian H:
Don mentioned the other day he would like some themes to write about as I have written the last of receivership and the last of the Prof story is near I would find it helpful for more topic to write about. So we can all put our idea for story topics here. It doesn't matter if two people write about the same thing the difference in their views will be interesting in themselves.


great idea.

There you go, "Great Ideas, Good or Bad" I can envision the humor that may come out of topic like this.

I am always looking for more adventures for my seven knights series.  For those of you who haven't read any, they are a group of four three men and four women.  They are worth billions together and they are vigilantes for lack of a better word.  Their mission in life is to rid the world of the dark alleys we live in. 

For Ian, I'd like to see him write a story (preferably a long one) about an Aussie that goes rogue about the environment.  Have him live off the land and "deal" with those who violate his territory.  I'd like the story to tell us about the 'land down under'.  It would be cool if the only man he truly trusts is an American author.  Have his teach the author about living in the bush and Aussie history.   He can start by saving a crock's home from urban sprawl.

Just and idea for Ian.  I'd appreciate any thing for me.  I need to have the word "Lies" in the title.

Ian H:
I think you have missed one point of my writing. Isolation from others here is a death sentence.



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