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Blue Moon Trail 55
« on: June 01, 2015, 09:14:55 AM »
As they walked toward the outskirts of town, Mary Ann stared at the wooden sidewalk.  "Do you like me, Mark?"

He looked straight ahead and jammed his hands into his front pants pockets again.  "Course I do, girl.  Why'd ya ask that?"

Mary Ann sighed.  "You're a good guy.  I just wondered."

He stopped and looked at her.  "I reckon I got a hankerin' to be around ya if that's what you mean.  I ain't never been 'round no girls much 'cept for my sis, Emily.  I know I'm just a kid, though.  What does a kid know 'bout love an' life?"

Mary Ann started walking again.  "I know you're young, but maybe when you get older, and if you remember me, and I'm not too old and ugly, we might spend time together.  You think?"

Mark kept walking, but snickered.  "Girl, if you can cook anything close to my ma's cookin', I might just spend a lot of time with ya."

They both laughed.

Mark added.  "As fer as your looks; I guess I'd have to say that you're right purdy to look at, too."

He didn't see the slight smile on Mary Ann's face.

The two hadn't walked more than a half block when they heard a girl's laughter from across the street.  They stopped as one and saw three teenage girls talking amongst themselves, glancing now and then at Mark and Mary Ann.  By their clothes, she thought they might be children of well to do parents.

A blonde headed girl seemed to be the most outspoken.  "I think it's a downright sin that they let those filthy tramps into town.  They should be made to stay outside in their shanty towns where they belong.  They don't belong around decent folk."

Being a doctor's daughter, Mary Ann wasn't affected by the taunts, but she saw that Mark's jaw was clamped shut and his eyes were blazing.  She squeezed his shoulder.

His voice was steady.  "Best you city girls go on home to yer mamas an' do yer knittin' an' play with yer dollies.  I sure don't want my smell stinkin' up yer noses."

The other two girls looked nervously back toward the storefronts but the blonde grinned and stared at Mark.  "You're one to talk, hobo boy.  You ought to be in your tramp tent playing with your toys instead of in our town with respectable folks.  Why don't you two leave?  You're not wanted here."

One of the outspoken girl's friends lightly touched her on the arm.  "Amity?  Beth and I want to get a cola.  You want one?"

The one called Amity crossed her arms against her chest and squinted at Mark.  "You girls go ahead.  I'm not through talking to these bums yet."

The other two walked along the sidewalk, occasionally glancing back at the blonde.  They turned into the door of a drugstore.

Amity continued to stare at Mark and Mary Ann.  "You two have kids with your tramp girlfriends?  I've heard you tramps have babies with anybody at a young age."

Mark walked a few steps toward the girl.  Mary Ann again grabbed his arm.  "She's not worth it, Mark.  She just wants to get us in trouble with the townsfolk."

Suddenly, a door opened from the bank behind Amity, and a man in a worn brown suit and string tie stepped out onto the walkway.

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Re: Blue Moon Trail 55
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Yeehar! Ah bin awaitin' some new writin'.

I still remember how awkward it was to be talking to a girl. I think you have captured this well.

The 'wrong side of the tracks' bullying comes through realistically too.

well written.


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Re: Blue Moon Trail 55
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Thank you, Don.    :)